Donating your vital organs is vitally important.

Every year, a huge number of your fellow Australians die as they desperately wait and hope for a life-saving organ transplant.

You can help prevent these tragedies by becoming an organ donor and encouraging your mates to sign up too. As more people register to be donors, more lives will be saved.

Australia has one of the best transplant success rates in the world. So if you unexpectedly cark it one day, your organs can live on in 10 or more people. That’s a great going-away present!


Around 1,400 Australians are
waiting on the organ
transplant list every

1 organ donor can save
up to 10 lives

8 in 10
who have made a donation decision
have discussed it with family

Don’t forget to tell your family, mate.

After you’ve registered to be an organ donor, make sure you tell your family and friends next time you’re all chewing the fat.

This is very important because if you suddenly fall off the perch, your family will be asked to give their consent before your organs can be donated.

And if your family knows you’re keen to recycle your life-saving squishy bits, they will be more likely to uphold your wishes.



3 in 4 would say YES to a life saving transplant. Wouldn’t you?

About 40% of families
DO NOT give consent.

of families agree to organ donation knowing their loved one’s decision.

52% donor consent rate when a donor has not registered and family doesn’t know donor’s decision.

48% of young people are unsure or undecided about becoming a donor.

of families agree to organ donation knowing their loved one was a registered donor.

Only 36% are confident they know what their family would want.

Is the number of deceased Organ Donors in Australia during 2016.

more likely to need an organ transplant than to become an actual organ donor.

92%18-24 years olds are not registered on the Australian organ donor register. Of those registered, there’s a higher percentage of females.

Organ donation global comparison.

Data interpreted from Sharelife and DonateLife. To see more visit www.sharelife.org.au and www.donatelife.gov.au