Instead of donating my organs, can I donate my piano?

Don’t be a silly sausage. Your piano isn’t going to save anyone’s life. But your organs can transform the lives of 10 or more people. That’s what I call leaving on a high note!

Do I need to tell my family I’m an organ donor?

Yes! Your family can overrule your decision and prevent your organs from being donated. This is less likely to happen if they know you’re a die-hard (so to speak) organ donor.

Are some religions against organ donation?

Nearly all religions support organ donation and view it as a selfless act of compassion and generosity. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and Jedi Knights all support organ donation.

Am I too old to be an organ donor?

Nope. If your organs are good enough to keep you going, they’re good enough for 10 or more other Aussies. Even people over 80 years old can successfully donate their organs.

Does it matter if I’m not healthy?

Not at all. You can be an organ donor even if you smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish and eat like a horse. Although we don’t recommend that lifestyle if you want to live to be 100 not out!

If I’m an organ donor, will doctors still try to save my life?

Of course, mate. Saving your life is the top priority of our doctors and nurses. They don’t want to know if you’re an organ donor until after they’ve tried everything and you’ve kicked the bucket.

If other people are organ donors, why should I bother?

Apathy is not the answer! The reason we need heaps of donors is because organ donation is an extremely rare event. Only 1% of the population will cark it in a way to allow for organ donation.

Can I still have an open casket at my funeral?

Yep, you sure can, mate. And nobody will be able to tell you’ve donated your life-saving bits and pieces because your physical appearance won’t change at all.

I’ve registered on my driver’s licence, isn’t that enough?

Unfortunately not, mate. The Australian Organ Donation Register is the only national register for organ donation. So even if you’ve previously ticked the box on your driver’s licence renewal, you still need to register on the Donor Register. Do it now, it only takes a few minutes to register.