Sam Taubert


Sam is a practicing Civil Engineer for GHD with over 7 years of experience. He is part of the ‘Dams’ team and has been involved on various water infrastructure projects in Victoria, Australia and internationally.

At the age of 3 years old, Sam was diagnosed with Viral Dilated Cardiomyopathy (an infection of the heart). He remained healthy until the age of 16 where his health quickly declined. At this time, Sam was placed on the heart transplant waiting list and underwent lifesaving surgery to implant a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD). After 4 months in hospital, he received a heart transplant.

In 2015 after a significant deterioration in Sam’s health, he was once again placed on the heart transplant waiting list. In April 2015 he received his second heart transplant after waiting two months.

In his spare time, Sam enjoys playing squash and watching his beloved AFL team, Melbourne.

Dr Josephine Muir

General Manager

Josephine is the CEO of an emerging med-tech start-up called Noisy Guts. Yes, she spends her days listening, recording and analysing gut noises. With a background in political campaigning, Josephine has spent 15 years helping government, not-for-profit organisations and corporations communicate with their constituents. As the Associate Director of The University of Western Australia’s Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases, she helped shape the research agenda of Nobel Laureate Professor Barry J Marshall. Josephine speaks fluent geek, providing a unique translation service that connects medical scientists with government, philanthropy, industry and VCs.

From 2014–16, Josephine volunteered on Donate Life’s Community Advisory Committee where she met Peter Chwal. He must have made an impact because she jumped at the opportunity to join Donor Mate in 2018.

In her spare time, Josephine enjoys… Ha! Just joking, she never has spare time!

Ryan Rampling

Media Director

Ryan has spent over 15 years in the WA media industry as an Executive Producer at 6PR radio and Chief of Staff at Channel 9 News. He is now part of a dynamic Ed-Tech company, My Education Group—using those can-do media skills to grow the sales base and implement a variety of marketing strategies that will help provide greater access for younger Australians to embrace the opportunity that is China.

As a Co-Founder of Donor Mate, Ryan was drawn to the cause when the very gift of organ donation saved the life of one of his mates, Peter Chwal. He's passionate about increasing the awareness of organ donation so others can spend more time with their loved ones too.

Outside of that, Ryan spends time with his wife Christie, sons Hudson and Logan and daughter Harper. He also still enjoys shooting hoops, spinning some vinyl and exploring new places.

Peter Grainger

Creative Director

Peter is a highly experienced graphic designer, working with clients for over 20 years to create strategic, exciting and long lasting visual solutions.

Peter has a Bachelor of Arts degree (Design) from Curtin University and started his business the year he finished his studies. Over the course of his career, Peter has worked with many different clients from commercial, government and charitable organisations in all aspects of branding, advertising, marketing and creative design.

Peter enjoys spending time with his family, and has a keen interest in contemporary art and photography.

Prof Luc Delriviere

Transplant surgeon

Prof Luc Delriviere is a Professor of Surgery at the University of Western Australia. He is the head of liver transplant and hepato-biliary surgery at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Over the past 10 years of work, he has played a major role in the expansion of liver and kidney transplant programs in Western Australia, with activity in both areas having now more than doubled. He is involved in both clinical and experimental research programs.

His approach is multidisciplinary and involves oncologists, gastroentrolologists, hepatologists and radiologists. He is proud to be establishing the very first comprehensive liver centre in Western Australia that incorporates a range of liver specialists and serves as a single point of contact for centralised and coordinated patient care.

Nick Taubert


Nick has a Commerce Degree and currently works with superannuation and insurance. He is one of those frustrating people that genuinely enjoys going to work each day.

After his younger brother received his second heart transplant, Nick decided he wanted to focus some of his time and skills on improving organ donation awareness. After some research Nick discovered the Perth based charity Donor Mate, which proved to be a perfect match.

In his spare time Nick loves playing squash, reading and considers himself a bit of a foodie.

Peter Chwal


Peter has a BA Justice Studies, PostGrad Dip Leadership and Management and a PostGrad Cert Transnational Crime Prevention.

He is married and a father of three young girls.

He waited 15 months for a life saving transplant which brought into stark reality Australia’s poor organ donation rate. As a result he co-founded Donor Mate.

Nicholas Chu


Nicholas joined Donor Mate in 2016 after his friends, Nicholas Taubert and Sam Taubert encouraged him to join.

Nicholas is an economist with Australia’s government regulator of media and communications and has over 15 years of working experience.

He has a bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Melbourne and a post-graduate diploma in management from Melbourne Business School.

Outside of work Nicholas has caught the podcast bug, and also enjoys playing soccer, reading and planning his next overseas adventure. He tries to approach new things with an open mind and good humour, and is enjoying the challenge of spreading the Donor Mate message.