Donor Mate is a not for profit organisation with the goal to increase awareness and positive social attitudes towards organ donation within Australia.

Donor Mate is a company limited by guarantee, co-founded by Peter Chwal, Ryan Rampling and Peter Grainger.

While Donor Mate is all about celebrating life, the impetus for its creation was when Peter Chwal spent 15 months languishing on the transplant list as a result of an autoimmune condition called primary schelorsing cholangitis. While waiting on the transplant list Peter endured numerous hospitalisations from life threatening infections.

That experience drew Donor Mate’s co-founders’ attention to the fact that Australia ranks a lowly 22nd in the developed world for organ donation. 40 per cent of families decline organ donation and with only one per cent of the population likely to pass away in a manner suitable for organ donation, Donor Mate’s co-founders decided that Australia can’t afford for so many to say ‘no’.

Their research determined a range of things that could improve that figure, including initiatives that cause 18 to 35 year olds, who are the worst at registering as organ donors, to register. Given no other charity or group was specifically raising awareness in a manner that would appeal to this demographic, Donor Mate was developed with professional branding support to appeal to this age group.

The organisation is a registered not for profit and an Australian registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient Status.


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We have four core values to guide the decision making and actions of our members.