Become an organ donor and help save the lives of 10 people.

Welcome to Donor Mate. We get out of bed every day to raise awareness about organ donation and encourage more people to register to become donors.


Did you know that over 1,500 Aussies are currently sitting around waiting for a life-saving transplant? But only 8% of our population aged 18-24 is registered to be organ donors!

As a result, heaps of good dinky-di people are dying unnecessarily while they wait for an organ transplant.

That’s an absolute flamin’ disgrace, especially in an educated and progressive country like Australia where there are so many healthy human specimens wandering the streets.

C’mon, mate! Register to be an organ donor today. What are you waiting for? It won’t kill you. But when something else does, your bits and pieces could help save the lives of 10 or more other Aussies. How cool is that?




Helping us spread the word about the benefits of organ donation is as easy as spreading Vegemite on your toast in the morning.

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If you needed it, would you say “yes” to an organ transplant? Then say “yes” to becoming an organ donor and register today»



Let’s give our sponsors a big hand.
(And a kidney if they need it.)